Stallone and Schwarzenegger to be bunk buddies in new prison movie


Sylvester Stallone is set up and sent to prison where he’ll bunk it up with the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I can almost bet there’s going to be a shower scene, but who in their right mind would go up against any of these two guys if either one of them dropped the soap.

Now Stallone has to break out with the help of Schwarzenegger and find out who framed him. But there’s a twist, well not really a twist because Stallone apparently designed the prison. And like every other prison movie, there’s always that warden, played by Jim Caveziel, and as you guessed it, he wont make things easy on either of those guys. Especially with the help of Vinnie Jones as the wardens lap dog.

But wait, there’s more, 50 Cent Jackson is going to help Stallone and Schwarzenegger on their escape as a computer tech genius. It always helps to have one of those computer tech genius guys around.

Will Stallone escape and get his hands on the person who put him in prison? Will Schwarzenegger fight some guy in the shower? Will there be a shower scene? Will the two main characters use cheesy one-liners? Will 50 Cent be able to convince us he’s good with computers? Find out when the movie hits theaters on September 13, 2013.

By J.M Lopez


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