Schwarzenegger will be back for Terminator 5

Now that his reign as governor is over, and his affair with Consuela is fading into the dark, we can move on from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s present life and into his future life. The kind of future where machines have taken over and humanity fights for its very survival.

He first captured your heart as the murderous machine that came after the mother of John Connor in the first Terminator. By then John Connor was just a fetus. If that wasn’t the movie that made you a fan, then it was no doubt Terminator 2, where he comes back and looks all bad ass in his leather clothes trying to protect the son of the mother he tried to kill in part one. Yup, he tries to protect John Connor, who is now an annoying teenager, from the T-1000, a type of machine that can shape shift. Now one can argue that part 2 wasn’t the best, and in all honesty, they would lose that argument one way or another.

Then they made a third film titled Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, and Arnold comes out not to protect John Conner, even though he is the one who will help defeat the machines in the future. No, this time John isn’t to be protected, it’s a lady who apparently is the daughter of a general who is in charge of making Skynet go online. Oh and the future wife of John Connor. If you don’t know what Sky net is, it’s a computer that initiates the whole man against machine war by setting off nukes. Of course (SPOILER ALERT) in the end, Sky net comes online, and sets of nukes, and the war begins.

They decided to make a part 4, and although you can look straight into my eyes and say, Arnold was so there. I beg you to look twice and tell me that the Arnold you saw didn’t look like a computer generated image….because it was, but you probably already know that. This time Arnold’s computerized naked body tries to kill John Connor, what a twist. Now you may say that the movie wasn’t that good either, but i think part 4 wasn’t that bad, come on, admit it, deep down, you kind of liked it.

Now for the main reason for the article, they are currently working on Terminator 5 and Arnold is said to be on board with the project. Whether he has a minor role or a major one, we do not know yet. As a fan, I’m hoping for a major role, cause come on, when you think terminator, you don’t think about that annoying little kid from part 2, or that wimpy guy from part 3, or that one person who looks like Bruce Wayne in part 4…..even though they are the same character. You think of Arnold wearing those sunglasses telling you “I’ll Be Back”. This time, I hope he is back as a major character. Paul Walker is also rumored to be cast in the film, and if that is true, then that’s another story for another day.

By J.M. Lopez


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