Exclusive Q&A with members of Vanity Heist

Vanity Heist

Vanity Heist is an alternative rock band from Orange County, California. In this exclusive Q&A, lead vocalist Drew and guitarist Aaron talk about their EP “It’s Gonna Make Sense” and the future of the band.

Q: How long have you guys been a band and how did Vanity Heist form?

Vanity Heist: We’ve been in a band now since 2010 and it came together over many restructuring.  The short version is; Drew answered an open audition for the lead vocals, Aaron’s older brother Andrew did us a favor and rehearsed with us so we could write the record & after 6 months of pre-production and releasing our debut ep in the summer of 2012, here we are!

Q: You guys are from Orange County, is that where every band member is from also?

Vanity Heist: Yes we’re all from orange county, born & raised.

Q: Did you guys always wanted to be musicians?

Drew: Always, for as long as i can remember i’ve been singing along to the radio and i knew from a young age that i wanted to be the person on there other side of that speaker.

Aaron: Not really, but when I started playing music at 13 i knew that’s what I wanted to do.

Q: Is there a single musician that really influenced you guys to be musicians?

Drew:  I don’t think i can pin point it to a single musician but i grew up with bands like Green Day & Foo Fighters to name a few.

Aaron: My older brother, he played guitar before me and i saw him playing & it just made me want to learn as well.

Q: Can you talk about the recording process of your EP “It’s Gonna Make Sense”?

Drew: We recorded with Scott Flammer of Rec Room Studios and it was a great experience for me. We had the pleasure of working with Evan Kilbourne who you might know from Save Ferris & Starpool. We only had a limited time to record the 4 songs but it was a lot of fun and I think the final product speaks for itself.

Aaron: We did a lot of pre-production for the ep, writing – recording – re recording just to get the sounds & tempos right.  We learned from past mistakes in previous bands and this time around we were really well prepared for recording.

Q: The lyrics seem very motivational, can you talk about the themes of your lyrics?

Drew: I tried to branch out of the typical themes of love & relationships and took a more introverted approach to the lyrics to relate to people on many different levels & life experiences. I guess my overall theme for the record is to share positive messages and encouragement. We’ve all had hard times where we don’t think we can make it thru & life gets a little crazy but as soon as the storm passes you’ll see that it’s gonna make sense!

Q: Have you guys been able to play those songs live and how do you feel about the reaction of the audience?

Vanity Heist: Yeah we had a great record release show at the Slidebar in Fullerton, all our friends & family came out to support and the response from the crowd was very positive. After a few shows people were learning the words and singing along, it’s an awesome feeling as a band to see the enjoyment of the crowd.

Q: Are you guys currently playing shows?

Vanity Heist: Not at the moment, we are in pre-production for our next record that is scheduled for release this summer. We’re hoping to throw in some live shows soon but nothing in the books as of yet.

Q: If you guys were able to tour with any current band, which band will it be?

Vanity Heist: Bands like AFI or Foo Fighters would be really fun but if we’re talking about current bands, Bruno Mars seems he’d be really fun to tour with. There’d probably be a lot of drugs & girls haha just kidding don’t do drugs kids!

Q: Is there a specific venue you guys would like to perform at? Why?

Vanity Heist: We’d love to play Angel Stadium in Anaheim. If we could pack the place for our friends & family that would be the greatest thing ever to play for our hometown.

Q: Do you guys have any funny or interesting stories from the recording process or when you guys were playing live you guys that you would like to share with X-Static?

Vanity Heist: No not really comes to mind, there’s always things that go wrong at shows like amps going out & bad sound but we get through it.

Q: What do you see in the future for Vanity Heist, more music and touring?

Vanity Heist: We are currently in pre-production for our next record expected for release this summer but we’re hoping to throw in some live shows along the way.

Q: Besides playing music, what do you guys like to do for fun?

Vanity Heist: Hang out with friends in family. We work too hard so any down time is spent relaxing!

You can listen and download the the Vanity Heist EP “It’s Gonna Make Sense” their website or right here!

Interview by: Eriq Rivera


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