Who you gonna call?! Grudge Match

Courtesy of Robin Lopez
Courtesy of Robin Lopez

You’ve seen them both fight in the ring. One who got off to a rocky start and the other was a Raging Bull of sorts. Rocky was the underdog who fought and made his way into our hearts. The other was a famous fighter whose anger and love for pain separated him from his family. But what if you saw these two iconic boxers go at it, in the ring, for what could be the Match of the Century.

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen, well at least, not like that. What is going to happen is Sylvester Stallone and Robert De’Niro getting back into the ring and duking it out in “Grudge Match.”

They will star in a comedy about two retired boxers who step into the ring one more time after their last fight 50 years ago to settle an old score. Kim Basinger and Kevin Hart as the fight promoter are signed on as well. Filming will begin sometime in 2013. Until then, get ready for all the Raging Bull vs Rocky jokes that are bound to head our way.

By: J.M. Lopez


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