Crouching Tiger sequel

It was a Kung Fu film that became an instant success. When we were younger we would mimic it and talk about its one element that really got our attention, the soaring from one tree to the other. That’s right, I’m talking about Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and the rumors that it will receive a sequel is, are becoming true.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is actually based on the fourth book out of the five that were written called the Crane Iron Series. That sure is a lot of books. But if some annoying tween girl can buckle down and read all of those twilight books in one weekend, then what’s to say we can’t do the same for these. Oh who am I kidding, we don’t have it in us to even read two of those books. Let’s face it; the whole idea seems like it would be better on film than in our heads, not to mention the books were originally written in China.

Anyway, the next installment of Crouching Tiger will be based on the fifth book titled Silver Vase, Iron Knight. The film will follow Michelle Yeohs character after the Crouching Tiger. A script is said to have been written already and there is word that filming is due to begin in May of this year. Whether any of the original actors will reprise their roles, that didn’t meet their demise in the in the movie already, is not yet know. Ang Lee, famous for directing the first Crouching Tiger and most recently The Life of Pi, does not seem to be directing this one, but Ronny Yu. You may recognize some of his work, like: Fearless, Freddy vs. Jason, and Bride of Chucky.

If you’re as excited as I am, then join my book club. It mostly involves drinking and watching movie versions of books, and the books we do have don’t make it past the title page.

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By: J.M. Lopez


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