Exclusive Q&A with Irish rock band Seneron

From the Seneron Facebook pageSeneron is a Irish grunge band that consists of John Shields (vocalist + guitarist), Chris Towe (guitar), Ivor Ferris (bass & vocals) and John Hamilton (drums).

Members of the band spoke about the formation of the band and how they grew up and got inspired by the grunge era in this exclusive Q&A.

Q: How did you guys form and how long have you guys been a band?

John S: We all met through the local cover band circuit here in Ireland and instantly became friends with our passion for rock music and the local band scene. From that we talked about creating some original material and all agreed to give it six months to see what would happen. Two years later and two records completed we have had success but aim to reach new fans all over the world in the very near future.

Q: Can you guys talk about the name Seneron? What does it mean? 

John S: This is a funny story actually. Myself and John H (drummer) were traveling home from Belfast N.Ireland as we attended a Presidents of United states gig. Lets just say I was a bit drunk after the show and wanted to get back home quick as I wanted to go to a party. So in the car I kept saying Send Her On ! Send Her On! Which is an Irish phrase to mean “Get there quick.”

After annoying my good friend for an hour or so a few days later we had to come up with an original name for the band. So I texted John H to say “What you think of SENERON?”

After I sent it I thought that it had a good ring to it and then met the rest of the guys later that night in a bar and John H said, “That text you sent today – That name sounds pretty good.”

So that’s how the band name was created, later I discovered that it is also a French surname but I thought that it was unique and had the fun element.

Q: What are your thoughts on “grunge” music of the past and today’s especially with Soundgarden’s new record, Pearl Jam’s and Alice In Chain’s upcoming album?

John S: We all grew up with Grunge music and it’s great to see all of those original bands still alive in 2013 as it brings us all back to our youth as this was the music that we aspired to write and see live.

John H: The Grunge movement is what the band is based around, that music, that time and that scene.

Ivor: The whole DIY element was the biggest influence on me in which you had these bands that no one knew about playing in small clubs doing all of their own promotions, merchandise and recording then all of a sudden it exploded! To now see that these bands will be remembered in the history books is cool as puck rock is now hip!

Chris: It’s fantastic to see that these bands are still alive and kicking as it give our self’s motivation to say yeah it would be a dream to share a stage with bands like this and maybe we can in the near future.

Q: I read you guys have listen Nirvana and Foo Fighters as an influence…your thoughts on dave Grohl’s current presence in rock n roll?

Ivor: For me Dave Grohl is the god father of rock and punk in 2013 and is a person that will always promote new bands to a wider audience.

John S: Best front-man in the world that plays in the biggest rock band in the world. For me he has so much confidence on stage and as me being the front man for this band I look at things that he does on stageand how he interacts with an audience, that is very important to the live band experience and you want people saying I would go see Senron again at the end of each gig.

Q: Your EP Order Restored sounds amazing, can you guys talk about the writing and recording process of the songs?

John S: Thank you for saying that, basically I play my guitar for hours and hours alone locked away coming up with different riffs and melodies seeing what works. For my day job I drive buses and I would play back those ideas in my mind on every shift coming up with alternative ideas.

Then when I get the opportunity I would get a guitar and try out the ideas but record them on my phone. Then finally take it into the rehearsals with the rest of the guys and see if we can piece all of the ideas together. Usually I would have a song layed out in my mind but when you get in a room with three different people the sound and structure will change and most times it’s for the better.

John H: The rehearsals would always be constructive in that every member would come back with new ideas and how we can finish a certain piece.

John S: So from that we paste together the songs until they sound good and we would be happy to play them to an audience. Once we had enough songs together and some money we would then book the studio to set to record.

Ivor: Before we head into the studio all of the pre-production would be completed as we would have rehearsed these songs extensively and played them live to gain a crowd’s reaction as that’s very important to us.

Chris: We enjoy this method of song writing, this is our second record in two years and we plan to have another release at the turn on 2014.

Q: Can you guys talk about the song “Dead Stare” as far as its meaning and its theme? 

John S: This is a very personal topic for me as this was a song written based upon a friend of mine that had some demons within their life. The person was constantly fighting against me when I was trying to help them it got to a boiling point in which left me extremely annoyed.

I felt really strongly about our friendship and when you get in that that position sometimes it’s time to put pen to paper and express your experiences in that nature. I was very happy on how the song turned out and I ended up letting that person hear the song and talk to them about their problems and they did actually listened to me.

What was surprising to me is that they really liked the song and I think in its own way I was able to help out a friend through music, so song writing can help in times.

Q: What is your favorite part about performing live?

John S: Crowd Reaction!

John H: People coming to see our band to hear our music it’s the best feeling in the world as we have spent countless of hours writing and recording.

Chris: To get on that stage and perform, to hear the roar of the crowd it makes everything worth it!

Q: What do you guys think about the reaction of your fans while you guys perform live? 

Ivor: Our fans are unique as we hit the demographic from 14 to 40 so depending on the venue we play in it could be an old school manic punk gig with stage diving or a more intense head banding session. Each night it’s a different experience and we love it.

Chris: Our fans are always vocal and will let you know what they thought of you especially here in Ireland which is a good thing as you can’t take yourself too seriously, so it keeps you grounded.

John H: The reaction is always good as Chris and Ivor has said and when the crowd sees’s four people up there loving every second it’s easy for them to get into the zone and enjoy themselves.

Q: Where is a venue you guys would like to perform at? 

John S: 606 stuido ha ha a personal intimate gig with Dave Grohl ! We are a band that will perform on any stage as long as we had a willing and vocal crowd that’s all that we ask for. We have played shows with 10 to 100 people and it can be a struggle playing as an unsigned band. But we have amazing fans that interact with us on social media and keep coming back looking for more. To us that’s the ultimate high and we really appreciate it.

Q: What is the future for Seneron and when can we expect you guys to come to the U.S. for some shows?

Ivor: The bands future is looking very bright with the release of our second record. Already we have had interest from U.S and European radio stations that has put us on weekly syndication, we have gotten some amazing reviews and featured in some high profile press. In the immediate future we plan to promote this record the rest of the year complete a national Ireland and UK tour and perhaps a few shows in Europe.

John S: Yeah and the turn of the year we will go back into the studio to record another record as we have a large selection of music un-recorded that we are currently playing live. And in regards to coming to the US this is an all time dream of mine so if there are any promoters or record labels interested? get in contact as we will make the trip!

Q: Is there any current band you guys will like to tour with sometime?

John S: Any band that has a wild and crazy crowd we are not fussy. Of course we have our favorites such as Foo Fighters and Alice in Chains so maybe if we are lucky we will get that chance to share the stage with our heros.

Q: Any final comments?

Ivor: We would just like to thank yourself for this opportunity and exposure we really do appreciate it and hope that anyone who buys or record gets in touch and let us know what you think.

John S: Yes and we hope to get over to the U.S to do some crazy shows for you guys over there!

By: Eriq Rivera


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