Exclusive Q&A with Kash Valentine (First Hip Hop Exclusive)

K.V. in studio.
K.V. in studio.

By Anthony Hodge

Wayne Blackwell Jr. (born February 16,1992), who records under the stage name Kash Valentine (or more simply, K.V.), is an American recording artist born in Los Angeles, California. In February of 2011, K.V. (then known as Kash Lyric) dropped his first solo mixtape Purple Daze on his birthday, and quickly began generating a buzz through the city via social networks. Releasing the mixtape via Hulkshare, he managed to gain over 4,000 downloads on his first day. Since then he’s went on to drop other mixtapes. K.V. is most known for his vibrant lyrics mixed with clever word play, and as of lately, his ability to voice personal experiences and thoughts through heartfelt lyrics that tug at the ears. Whichever way you feel about K.V., there’s no denying that the young man has talent. Get his mixtape “Love is WESTSIDE” here:
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Q: How long have you been rapping? How did you get started?

K.V:  I’ve been rapping since I was about 3-4 honestly. My aunt used to take me and let me perform on stage. It was the best times of my life. I didn’t start officially recording until about early 2011 when I made Purple Daze at my friend Yung Prince’s house.

Q: What Hip Hop artist did you look up to and why?

K.V:  As a child, my first taste of Hip Hop was Bone Thugz N Harmony. From age 3-4 and up, all I would listen to was Bone Thugz and 2pac, the songs they used to make would always mellow me out. And it remained that way until I found Eminem and Redman around the age of 8 or 9. They just stand out, and the lyrics and style just used to wow me so much that I decided I wanted to be like them.

Q: What makes your music different from anyone else?

K.V: Hmm…I’d say the fact that I stick to that old sound that I grew up listening to. I sound like myself, and I keep my lyrics strictly about my life and hope others can relate. But I also like telling stories, like Nas I suppose, but I do it in my own way.

Q: What motivates you to continue to make music?

K.V: Positive feedback always. I get so much good feedback on my music that I don’t want to disappoint those who are behind me 100%. And the fact that record labels actually want to work with me makes me really love what I do because that tells me it’s good enough.

Q: Which record labels noticed your work?

K.V: A few. Only a few. Warner, Interscope, and some others I won’t yet mention because they’re still pending.

Q: What is the overall message that you want to send to the listeners?

K.V: Hip Hop lives. That, and whatever the message is in the song I make. I just want people to get an understanding of K.V., and really appreciate where I come from when I make songs.

Q: Talk about your latest mix tape “Love is WESTSIDE”.

K.V:  This tape is basically my way of bringing people into who I am as an artist coming out of California. This whole tape talks about my experiences with different types of love, whether it be love from the streets, love from my friends, love for music, it’s all in there. Every track is one different experience with a different aspect of love. The tape is releasing in April as a joint release through two record labels, sorta as my debut. And it will be hosted by DJ A-Tron of Too West Radio.

Q: What is your favorite song from the mixtape?

K.V: I’d have to say there are 2. Represent, because it’s such a retro hip hop type sound, and Reminiscing (featuring Aaliyah)…only because I’m such a big Aaliyah fan, and the instrumental to Reminiscing is an Aaliyah sample.

Q: How is this mix tape different from your other mixtapes?

K.V: My last tape, King’s Suite, was just me experimenting with different sounds. I feel like this tape in particular is where I really found myself a bit more and explored my personal life. In the other tape, I avoided going too personal and tried to just make it relatable.

Q: If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

K.V: Uh, I’d probably be in jail haha. Music is how I vent different feelings so if I didn’t have that I’d probably be your average angry teenage kid, and I wouldn’t have majority of the friends I have, music is what brought us together.

Q: What do you think about the current stage of Hip Hop?

K.V: I hated it at first, but I realized things change. We still have certain artists that do make good quality music, so it isn’t all bad to me.

Q: If you could choose one artist (dead or alive) to work with, who would it be and why?

K.V: Aaliyah off top, I grew up listening to her, she’s my favorite. She has a voice that I always admired. I listen to her when I’m angry because for some reason her voice seems to even me out. I used to always tell myself I’d meet her back when she was alive.

Q: Will you be doing any performances or tours in the future?

K.V: I MAY be taking part in a college tour this summer. We’ll see, only time and money will really tell.

Q: Last comments?

K.V: Just be sure to look out for Love is WESTSIDE. Keep in touch with me on twitter as well ( @DefJamKV ) and be sure to check frequently on my websiteiamkingkv.com for my mixtape.

LATEST SINGLE (also attached as an MP3) “Represent”


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