X-Static Radio Live: April 1, 2013

X-Static Radio logoHosted by Eriq Rivera

On this episode of X-Static Radio Live, I played music from many of our exclusive unsigned bands to celebrate April Fool’s Day and the baseball Opening Day. I will note that on the segment on which I was introducing Maiden Tonne, I played Barenaked Ladies instead. My apologies, that was an error. THIS SHOW IS RAW, NO EDITING HAS BEEN DONE. Enjoy!

  1. Only Joking – O.W.L.S
  2. Vitamins – O.W.L.S
  3. Hello Hipster – DECODED
  4. Chicken Shack – Gene Louis
  5. Open Season – DECODED
  6. One Week – Barenaked Ladies
  7. Don’t Tell Yo Mumma – Maiden Tonne
  8. Slippin’ Away – Maiden Tonne
  9. Dead Stare – Seneron
  10. Stand Your Ground – Seneron
  11. Why Would You – Hub City Trash
  12. Slo-Mo – The Vatcher Brothers
  13. I Woke Up – The Vatcher Brothers

CLICK THERE TO LISTEN —->     01 April 1, 2013


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