Expending the cast for the third time

Pics of guys who have been rumored to join the cast…and Stallone. I’m sure those guys are familiar to you.

By J.M. Lopez

If you’re like me then you probably squealed like a school girl at the news that there is going to be Expendables 3….ok, I didn’t do that but I was pleased to hear the good news. To top things of, Wesley Snipes is said to be in it and they’re trying to get Jackie Chan too. If that happens then this would make the expendables franchise a whole lot better in terms of casting.

The first film brought together, one of the biggest action cast I have ever seen and did not fail to deliver on the explosions…..so many explosions. The second film brought in one of my favorites- Jean Claude Van Damme, and delivered what seemed like a disappointing short fight between him and Stallone (just my opinion though). Not to mention that Jet Li made a quick goodbye.

It also included Chuck Norris as the lone wolf and the second time that Stallone, Willis, and Schwarzenegger shared the screen and teamed up together with their cheesy one liner and memorable lines from their previous films.

The third is still being written and at the moment the plot is not available. What is available is the hopes that Jackie Chan will say yes and join the cast. Wesley Snipes is in talks to be part of the cast and what will be his first film out of prison. They have approached Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford but there doesn’t seem to be any chance that they will sign up for this movie. It’s a shame; it would have made it even better.

Mel Gibson was approached for a directing role for the film but that will not happen. At least a cameo would have been nice Mel, come on, do the fans a favor. Last but not least, for some this would be a deal breaker but for others this is just as good as any other, our National Treasure Nicholas Cage is confirmed for a role in the film. Until the story is drawn out, we won’t know what their roles are, but I will keep an ear to the ground just for you guys.

The movie will begin production in fall of this year and is out for the summer of 2014.

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