Let the blockbusters begin (A May 2013 big screen movie preview)

By Eriq Rivera

As everybody knows, May is the beginning of blockbuster season. X-Static has you covered in all the blockbusters coming out in this month as well as the little movies that will try to compete with these soon-to-be bazillion dollars revenue films.

May 3

The final installment of the Iron Man trilogy will be out on this date. Robert Downey Jr. will once again play the iron super hero and will once again fight the terrorist group Mandarin with retribution on his mind in Iron Man 3.

May 10

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece The Great Gatsby will once again get the Hollywood treatment. This time, the great Leonardo DiCaprio will play the mysterious Jay Gatsby. The film was directed by Australian filmmaker Baz Luhrmann. Joining DiCaprio is Carey Mulligan, Spider Man man Tobey Maguire, Isla Fisher and more!

Tyler Perry is back with another similar movie from his previous movies with Tyler Perry Presents Peeples. Funnyman Craig Robinson stars alongside the Django Unchained miss Kerry Washington. The film seems to be about the fiance of Washington’s character (Robinson) surprises her parents by notifying them of their engagement. All hell breaks lose because of Robinson’s “character.”

May 17

The Star Trek franchise is back with its all star director J.J. Abrams. Star Trek Into Darkness will have Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana and Simon Pegg in its cast. Captain Kirk (Pine) is set to lead a manhunt to capture a man with weapons of mass destruction! Yo Kirk, just go to North Korea.

May 24

The action-packed cast of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, The Rock, Michelle Rodriguez and Jason Statham will ensemble the sixth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise with….you guess it! Fast & Furious 6. Do you really need me to give you a  quick sypnosis?!

There was bound to be an animated movie around this time of the month and Twentieth Century Fox made sure that was possible with their new animated film EPIC. EPIC will include the voices of Amanda Seyfried, Beyonce, rockstar Steven Tyler, Pitbull, Colin Farrell, funnyman Aziz Ansari, Academy Award winner Cristoph Waltz and more. It seems to be about a teenage who who gets transported into a forrest somehow and has a little adventure with Good and Evil.

The Hangover will begin to conclude on this date with The Hangover Part III. What can the gang possible put themselves through this time with no wedding or bachelor party to go to?!

May 31

Will Smith will once against co-star with his real life son Jaden Smith in After Earth. The film seems to take part 1,000 years later after humans escaped Earth. Oh by the way, here’s a warning: the film is directed M.Night Shyamalan.

Now You See me is a new FBI movie starring Morgan Freeman, Hulkman Mark Ruffalo and Jesse Eisenberg. The team seem to uncover a bank heist…with a twist….find out the twist by watching the film!


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