On The Air Interview: Vanity Heist

Eriq with Vanity Heist members

Eriq with Vanity Heist members

OC alternative rock band Vanity Heist came into the WPMD Cerritos College studio on May 13. 2013 to play some acoustic music.

They performed five songs including this new one called “Obvious.”

You can watch all videos on our USTREAM channel.

You can listen to the entire interview/performance here.

Video streaming by Ustream

4 thoughts on “On The Air Interview: Vanity Heist

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  3. Sorry but these guys are not very good…very boring songs….and backup singers are definitely not in tune….you guys need alot alot alot of practice……but i dont know if practice can fix boring….cause all those songs sounded the same…..sorry!!!! Just being truthful

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