X-Static Radio Live’s “Season Finale” Set For May 20

X-Static Radio logoYou’re probably wondering, “What do you mean “season finale”?

Well, as most of you know-this is a radio show in a college campus. Cerritos College to be exact.

The only way this show can air is if a radio paid personnel is present.

Since this radio station barely staying alive (long story but all you have to know is “budget cuts” the paid personal are not expected to be around during the summer.

Therefore, I most likely be able to do the show until the Fall semester maybe which begins in around August.

Now that I got that over with, the last show of the semester will be next week Monday May. 20, 2013.

I’ll talk about the great moments and bands we’ve featured on the show as well as continue to play some of the greatest rock music in history.

So please! Join me Monday morning on wpmd.org. You can leave us a comment on anything you would me to address!

From the bottom of my heart, thanks to everyone who has tuned in, see you guys Monday!

Eriq Rivera


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