System of A Down Bassist Claims Reason for Album Delay Is Serj

System of A Down

By Eriq Rivera

System of A Down bassist Shavo Odadjian claimed via Facebook that the main reason why there hasn’t been a new System of A Down album is because singer Serj Tankian hasn’t found the urge to make a record with the band.

Shavo’s posts have been deleted from his account.

He also mentioned that the rest of the band (Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan) have already agreed to work on the record but Serj hasn’t.

He has said that the band has considered no more S.O.A.D or S.O.A.D with a new singer because the rest of the band really want a new album.

Shavo later posted on his Facebook:

“No one dare say R.I.P. system! WE WILL NEVER BREAK UP!! U hear????? Stop with anti SOAD remarks. Or ill never post again. Patience people!! None means no record or more shows. I’m sure u don’t want that. So let us mAke our own decisions please!!”


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