Movie Review: This Is The End

this_is_the-endBy Eriq Rivera

It hasn’t been too long since Seth Rogen played a character who was a stoner in a film. This time, he simply plays himself…a stoner in the movie This Is The End.

Pretty much every actor in this movie played themselves and “surprisingly” they did a fantastic job doing it.

This Is The End featured some of the hottest comedy actors like Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill and Craig Robinson.

That ensemble did a hilarious job putting together a film that included sci-fi, penis jokes, stoner jokes and movie references (including a popular 70’s horror movie).

Even the penis jokes were erected.

Dialog and action drove this movie enough for me to say, one of Rogen’s best stoner comedies.

It is hard to keep an eye away from the screen, there’s always something interesting/hilarious going on.

The comedy pattern of penis joke-stoner joke-movie references-sci-fi effect rotation works as effective as the Atlanta Braves rotation of the 90’s.

I don’t want to give too much away from the flick because I do believe this is one that everybody has to see, even those who are not too much into comedies.

3 Stars Good stuff!





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