Movie Review: World War Z


By Eriq Rivera

Forget The Walking Dead, forget Call of Duty…World War Z is the best zombie experience around!

Brad Pitt shines once again as the hero of the day…or in this case, the hero of the world infected with the “zombie disease.”

The movie adapted by Max Brooks’ novel by the same name, tells the story of a family man who used to be a  U.N. employee is attacked (along with the rest of civilization) by essentially the zombie apocalypse.

He goes off to fight the war against the diseased meanwhile he’s trying to find a cure or a vaccine for the epidemic.

Director Marc Foster made sure he did an outstanding job going through all the zombie mazes as if you were in one of those Knott’s Scary Farm mazes.

You’ll literally be at the edge of your seat as you put yourself in the new phenomena situation of the “zombie apocalypse” that everyone seems to be talking about when you step in that theatre to watch this zombie thriller filled action, suspense, emotion and even a little comedy.

4 Stars = It freakin’ rocked!

The photo was taken from the World War Z Facebook page
Brad Pitt surprises movie screeners in L.A. when he made a live appearance. He introduced the film and said he is extremely excited about it. He even gave the audience free shirts!



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