X-Static Exclusive: Hip Hop Q&A with Joe Pistols


By Anthony Hodge

Realism, lyricism, and freedom of expression is not only the style for underground M.C. Joe Pistols, but those very words has also helped him become the rapper that he is today. Born and raised in Moreno Valley, CA on October 27th, 1991, the black/white/Puerto Rican has been rapping since the age of 8. Now at the age of 21, Joe Pistols (real name Joey Johnson) will be putting out his first mixtape on August 20th of this year entitled “This Is It.”

Get Joe Pistols Mixtape “This Is It” on August 20th, 2013 for free at www.hotnewhiphop.com

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Song: Joe Pistols featuring J. Sneak “5150” ( Click the “5150” to listen to the song, not the middle image)

51 50

Q: How old where you when you got started? Who or what influenced you to become a rapper?

Joe Pistols: I started rapping at age 8. DMX, Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung, KRS-One, and Eminem had a big influence on my music.I would sit in my room, listening to their music and just pictured myself in their shoes, on stage performing. When I heard “Ain’t No Way” by DMX is when I actually sat down and wrote my first rap. And after that, the rest is history. From then on, I wanted to rap.

Q: What rap artist is your biggest influence and why?

Joe Pistols: One of the rappers that has had the biggest influence on me has been Eminem, because no matter how much people would hate what he would say or do, he kept doing him, no matter how much somebody didn’t like it. It fueled him to do more and motivated him to work even harder. Watching Eminem, he has taught me to always be true to who I am, not just as an artist, but as a person as well. There’s always gonna be somebody who is not gonna like or agree with your every little action or word. I learned to turn all the negativity to a positive to push me as an artist.

Q: What does Hip Hop mean to you?

Joe Pistols: To me, Hip Hop is realism. It’s not being afraid to just be free and be who you are.

Q: Talk about your latest mixtape “This Is It”. What is the concept of the mixtape?

Joe Pistols: “This Is It” is my debut mixtape. It will be out August 20th. I got the idea for the title from Stephen King’s movie “It”. So with this being my first mixtape, I was like “ok, here it is,this is it.” The whole concept behind it is letting people into my world so they can see just exactly who Joe Pistols is and who I am as an artist.I want the people listening to be able to hear the lyricism I used on this mixtape. I took my time and really put serious thought into the lyrics and what type of stories I wanted to tell on this mixtape.

Q: What your favorite song on the mixtape and why?

Joe Pistols: My favorite song would have to be “Psycho” featuring a talented rapper by name of Dmillz. It was the first song I had recorded for the mixtape. It is my favorite because its just so raw. We really wanted the listeners to listen to it and be like wow, this dude is crazy, a real psycho. So while preparing to write my verse, I was watching American Psycho staring Christian Bale, and got into the mind of his character. Once I did that, I was able to write a verse from a psycho’s point of view.

Q: Are there any shows that you will be doing in the future?

Joe Pistols: No shows as of yet. Once the tape is released, I’m gonna link up with my brother J.Sneak, who is a talented rapper out in Compton, shout to the Mafioso crew by the way. Me and him will be getting some shows together, and soon as I got one coming up, I will let the people know.

Q: Finish this sentence: Hip Hop is . . . . .

Joe Pistols: freedom

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest) rank the current state of Hip Hop and why you picked this rating.

Joe Pistols: I’d have to give the state of Hip Hop that we are in a 5 1/2, of course this being my own personal opinion. I just feel no one cares anymore about real lyricism, and actually saying something with their music. Now, it seems all the new generation is caring about is what dance is hot, and lets see how tight I can make my jeans. A lot of people out now are being called rappers, but when you hear their music, it’s pop. I’m bringing back that aggressive side of Hip Hop, like DMX, Onyx, to name a couple of examples.

Q: Which artist would you like to work with?

Joe Pistols: I would love to work with rapper Tech N9ne. He also had a huge influence on my music.

Q: If you could bring back one artist back to life, who would it be and why?

Joe Pistols: That’s easy, 2Pac. He wasn’t afraid to be him. He said what he was feeling, and felt what he said. He didn’t let anyone control what he said or did, he was his own man. I feel that freedom that he had is one of the reasons he was such an amazing artist.

Q: Other comments?

Joe Pistols: Mixtape drops August 20th, will be available for free download on hotnewhiphop.com. Follow me on Twitter @therealjoepisto, also follow me on instagram @joepistols2828


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