EXCLUSIVE Q&A with Italian rock band V-Device

Photo taken from the band's Facebook pageBy Eriq Rivera

V-Device is an alternative rock band formed in Naples. The band takes much pride in being considered “grunge” as some musical idols have been musicians of the era. In this Q&A the band speaks about their music and their musical idols and more.

Q: Can you guys talk about the formation of the band and where did the band form?

A: We formed the band in Naples in 2009. David Green and Guy Costanzo decided to start a new project after their previous project “Primaluce”.

Q:  How did you guys come up with the name of the band?

A: The name of the band comes out from the work of the contemporary artist Bruce Nauman. He usually uses the word “Device”  to describe any creation whose meaning is related to the viewer’s subjective perception. For example one of his works is called “Device for a Left Armpit”. We put a “V” before Device. This “V” means many things but most of all it is a symbol: it stands for a flying gull which means Freedom.

Q: What are some bands that influenced you guys?

A: We have been influenced by all grunge bands, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nirvana and many 60’s and 70’s rock bands as The Who, The Beatles. A psychedelic component, inspired by bands like The Mars Volta and Pink Floyd, is present in our project too.

Q: Can you guys talk about the writing process and the making of your first album “Calling Europe”?

A: At a first moment this album had to be just an EP with seven songs. The name of the Ep had to be “THIS CITY“. Then we thought to add 4 more songs because we wanted to take a step forward and break boundaries. CALLING EUROPE is a sort of concept album. It speaks about Broken Promises and the Need of Escaping Conventional Reality.

Q: What are some of the themes of your songs like “Hush” and “A Question of Dice”?

A: Hush” speaks about Child Soldiers. This song is about the Violence that we adults impose on our children and about how our behavior directly influences the minds of children. Children are what we have sown. “A Question of Dice” is a love song. It just tells about the difficulty of love relationships. You can’t decide Love. It just happens. Like a Roll of Dice. You will never know the score before.

Q: The music videos look well done, can you guys talk about the creation of those videos?

A: Yes, the director of our videos is Vincenzo Spagnuolo. The subject is always inspired by the content of the songs. In “A Question of Dice” we wanted to recreate an industrial atmosphere, that’s why we have chosen a rusty “stoner/grunge” factory.

In “Trying To Do It Right” we have revisited the “Tragical History of Doctor Faustus” by going to Wittenberg, Germany: the place where Faustus was born. Wittenberg is very close to Berlin where we presented our first album “Calling Europe” for the very first time.

In the last video “Hush” we tell the story of a person seen through different ages. So while in the childhood a gun is just a toy, in the adulthood it becomes an instrument of death.

Q: Have you guys played live and what do you guys think about the reactions of your fans?

A: We are playing a lot, right now. During 2013 we have toured many times UK and Serbia. We have found an enthusiastic crowd that still loves to hear Grunge and Rock Music.

Q:  What does grunge mean to you guys?

A: Grunge means everything to us. This kind of music put the basis of our current career. We think that the Voice of Grunge, thank to artists as Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain (not considering all the other great bands), is something unique in Art: unrepeatable.

Q:  Are there any current bands you guys would love to tour with? 

A: Every great band that plays Rock.

Q: Are you guys planning to come to the U.S. anytime soon?

A: Our next album will be out on January 2014 and we are working hard to present it in as many places as possible.

Q: Any great or funny stories you guys have while writing or playing shows you guys would like to share?

A: Maybe we should tell about the funny relationship and some troubles we had with our first manager…. But we still love and thank that girl. …

Q: Anymore comments?

A: V-Device want to thank you for this interview and suggest our official website www.v-device.com to all the readers.

Stay Tuned Devicers!!!


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