Captain Phillips thinks of an Escape Plan before Machete Kills (An October 2013 film preview)

By Eriq Rivera

Like September, October might not promise big eye-popping films but that’s probably because it getting closer and closer to OSCAR SEASON.

Oct. 4

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock get back to work to star in Gravity. The film seems to be a thriller about an astronaut and medical engineer who are left in space after some kind of accident happen. The film is directed and written by Alfonso Cuaron who you might remember from “Paris, Je t’aime” and “Children of Men.”

Justin Timberlake plays another poor kid just he did in “In Time” except this time, he’ll be sharing the big screen with the newly announced Batman Ben Affleck.  The movie is called Runner Runner and it seems to be about a poor college student (boy can we relate) starts playing some online poker but then starts losing even more money so he decides to finally meet the man who he thinks is cheating him.

Oct. 11

There’s going to be a new remake of Romeo and Juliet again now ladies and gentlemen. For some reason, some filmmakers decided that you need to see a newer version of the classic Shakespeare tale. Some Haile Steinfeld and some Douglas Booth will play the classic lovers.

Heres comes my biased Tom Hanks reporting because I mean come on, he’s great. Tom Hanks stars in Captain Phillips; a true story film about a kidnapping of an American cargo ship by Somali pirates.

Machete Kills will have the cast of the year…maybe. The Machete sequel will feature Danny Trejo (of course), Amber Heard, Alexa Vega, Vanessa Hudgens, Sofia Vergara, Michelle Rodriguez, Lady Gaga, Jessica Alba, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Antonio Banderas, Cuba Gooding Jr. and more! And do I really have to explain this movie is about? Nope.

Oct. 18

It’s not October without a horror movie and Carrie will make sure you have some horror-ness. Carrie the remake of the classic horror tale of a girl who’s been pushed too far.

You might need subtitles for this one but the hard knocking duo of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Swarzenegger star in Escape Plan. The movie about a man who is incarcerated in a prison and meanwhile he’s in there, he tries to find the man who according to him, set him up and is the reason why he’s in prison.

The Fifth Estate is a film about the dangers of the internets when it was exposed to the public and its upstart. It is directed by Twilight man Bill Condon.

Green Day feels like their important enough to have some big screen exposure so they’ll release Broadway Idiot. The film follows the band’s frontman Billy Joe Armstrong through a couple of concerts.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. That’s actually name of this film as a Jackass crew produced film will follow and older man’s journey across America with his 8-year-old grandson.  Is that the best we have for comedy this year?

A lawyer gets involved with the drug market is what The Counselor will be about. The film also has an impressive casts with names like Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Dean Norries, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Javier Burdem and more.


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