Here Are 4 Major Reasons Why You Should Watch Grudge Match


By Johnny Low

We all remember the classics, from Rocky to Rocky 6 (Though some of you might not have been happy with the last one), and the great Raging Bull with Robert De Niro. They were two boxing movies in top form that went deeper than the boxing aspect of it; they showed us who the fighters were outside of the ring.

The idea of De Niro and Stallone going at it in the ring might give you the impression that it’s Raging Bull vs. Rocky, the later years, but in a comedy.

Watching the trailer might not exactly help that impression either, but it still makes for what could be an entertaining film. So here are four  reasons to watch Grudge Match (though they may not be your four reasons, or you may have other reasons to watch).

The Cast

Of course there’s the obvious like, De Niro (though some of you may be a little skeptical about him being as good as his older films) and Stallone (the Italian Stallion, whose still surprisingly able to do action films at his age).

Aside from that, it also has Alan Arkin (Argo, Stand up Guys), Kim Basinger (L.A Confidential, Batman), and Kevin Hart (His Standup Comedy, Ride Along). They are all known to be able to do comedy (especially Kevin Hart), as well as deliver on a serious note (even Kevin Hart I’m sure).

It’s a cast that most of us know and expect a lot out of, but they aren’t the only reason to watch.

The Trailer

You’ve seen the movie trailer, whether online or on the old television.

It’s a grudge match with Stallone and Deniro; two boxers who have been rivals for many years now, finally get the chance to duke it out in the ring. I

t drew us in (kind of) and made us see what could be another Rocky movie. Except it’s not, it’s supposed to be a comedy with a few scenes of drama.

It even appears to reference Rocky as it shows Stallone about to train in a walk in freezer before he’s stopped by Alan Arkin. They throw a few jokes around making fun of their weight and age; it’s always nice to see actors make fun of themselves.

Good Film To Pass The Time

It comes out on Christmas Day, whether it’s another holiday for you or not, it’ll be a good way to pass the time.

It could be a good family film, especially if your kids are open minded and don’t just want to watch the next animated movie that comes out every month. It’s especially a better choice than that new Justin Beiber movie coming out the same day (seriously, would you rather watch that or two iconic actors go at it on the big screen).

It’s a good film to see especially if you’re a fan of either De Niro or Stallone, or both.

The Old Rivalry

This is pretty much for those of us who deep down can’t get rid of the idea that’s its Raging Bull vs. Rocky.

It’s obviously not, but we don’t care. We see Stallone go at it with De Niro, and even at their age, it still manages to get our attention and see what could have been. At least for us suckers who can’t help but watch a good boxing movie, this will at least hold us over until Rocky 7: Adrian’s Revenge (….kidding, that’s not the name) comes out.

De Niro might not be putting out some major work in his later films but we still want to see him on the big screen.


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