Stallone and DeNiro Show Some Hart In A Grudge Match For The Ages

Grudge Match (Out Christmas  Day)
Grudge Match (Out Christmas Day)

By Eriq Rivera

How nice of Sylvester Stallone to take time out of his usual ass kicking masculine lifestyle to make a nice Christmas movie anybody of any age can enjoy. As for DeNiro, nice of him to play one hell of an a**hole.

Grudge Match is about old timers trying to deal with an old grudge in the most masculine sport they were so great at in their younger days.

With the obvious hints of Rocky and Raging Bull, Stallone and DeNiro practically parodied their boxing classics to tell a dramatic and hilarious story about family, love, hate and sportsmanship.

Kevin Hart and Alan Larkin drove the genius comedic styles of the film. Although, a lot of the comedy had to do with the back-and-forth insults Stallone and DeNiro threw at each other.

While the dramatic part dealt with Stallone trying to win things he lost in his youth (besides the first fight against DeNiro and includes Kim Basinger) and DeNiro trying to makeup for lost times with his estranged son Jon Bernthal.

These complications all tie in together for the epic fight between Razor Sharp (Stallone) and The Kid (DeNiro) everyone is waiting for throughout the film.

Not to mention Stallone and DeNiro become a laughing stock in a world were they’re being outdated technology, sports and their physical aging bodies.

As the two cinematic legends clash, all you can think of is the fight the everyone wanted but never happened Rocky Vs. Raging Bull.

Grudge Match will definitely be one of the most underrated films of December, but for a film that combines comedy, drama and sports, along with A-Class actors, Grudge Match is definitely the movie will make your heart feel good for the holidays.


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