X-Static Radio’s Album of the Year

...Like Clockwork
…Like Clockwork

Queens of the Stone Age’s first album is six years was pretty great. With only two singles released My God Is the Sun and I Sat By the Ocean is just a small sample of awesomeness.

With the departure of the band’s previous drummer Joey Castillo, Homme recruited a fine drummer in Dave Grohl who recorded all 10 tracks for the album.

The album has also been nominated for a Grammy for “Best Rock Album” and the song My God Is The Sun was nominated for “Best Rock Performance.”

If you want a cool rock n roll ride, we suggest listen the entirety of this brilliant album and the 2013 X-Static Radio Album of the Year.

Honorable mentions go out to Alice In Chains The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here and Pearl Jam’s Lightning Bolt.


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