“To finally find our sound and have it be as receptive as its been is pretty special” An Update With 2013 X-Static Radio Band of the Year

Taken from the decoded Facebook page
‘decoded’ before its performance at the legendary Viper

By Eriq Rivera

X-Static Radio is proud of out inaugural Band of the Year , Los Angeles based band ‘decoded’ as voted by fans and X-Static Radio readers.

Last year, we talked to decoded frontman Derek Jordan and he discussed the band’s plans to release songs like “Hello Hipster” and “If You Want To Be Sexier.”

Throughout the year, the band released those two songs and even released a six-song EP named “Topanga” and even played some shows at the legendary Viper Room.

We caught up with the decoded frontman for an update on the 2013 X-Static Radio Band of the Year for a Q&A.

Q: It looks like the ‘Topanga’ EP has really received a lot of attention, what are your thoughts on the reaction the fans have had on the EP?

A:  It’s really wonderful.  We’ve gone through so many directional changes.  To finally find our sound and have it be as receptive as its been is pretty special.  It feels right.

Q: You guys have recently played a show at the legendary Viper Room, how was that like?

A: It was such a fun show.  We’re playing there again on February 26.  Not only is the sound amazing there, but the entire Viper Room staff, from the doormen to the bartenders, are class acts, awesome people.  Great sound and great people make a great club.

Q: With a recent show at San Diego, do you guys have anymore upcoming gigs outside Los Angeles? How was it like to bring ‘decoded live’ outside Los Angeles?

A: Yes, we’ll be playing the Treefort Music Fest in Boise, Idaho in March and also hitting up Seattle and just outside Portland.  We love taking the show on the road and meeting new people.

Q: On a  recent review, the reviewer said “keep your eyes on these guys” about decoded. How does a quote like that make you feel about the band?

A: It certainly feels good.  We’ve been hearing some good things.  I’m more concerned about what we do than what is said about us.  We just have to stay humble and keep our work ethic going.

Q: Are there anymore plans for the ‘Topanga’ EP? Such as music videos?

A: We just filmed the music video for “Red Handed” yesterday.  It will probably come out in a month.  Its decoded’s first music video and it was so much fun to shoot, especially for me, you’ll see why!  We still want to do one for the song “Topanga” and have Danielle Fishel guest star in it.

Q: When do you think ‘decoded’ will be back in the studios to record another EP?

A: Not for at least a year.  Though we have written a handful of songs since releasing the Topanga EP, and are starting to play those new songs live, we know the exposure of the Topanga EP has only just begun.  There’s a lot more fun and games to be had with it.

Q: Any chance on you guys coming to Arizona for a show?

A: I think there’s a good chance!  After we travel up North in March, we’re going to be looking into going Southeast.

Q: Any further comments?

A: We’re looking forward to releasing the “Red Handed” music video and we’ll see you on the road!

If you want know more of ‘decoded’ you can click here for its Facebook page.



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