Transcendence in Draft Day for Captain America (An April 2014 film preview)

Transendence is set to be released on April. 17. Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman co-star in the film.
Transendence is set to be released on April. 17. Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman co-star in the film.

By Eriq Rivera

The month of April has arrived and so will the blockbusters. Blockbusters ranging from super hero, to big mean animals, to even Johnny Depp. April films should get you excited to go to the movies once again.

Apr. 4

Captain America is back for the second installment of the tell of the first avenger. Captain America: The Winter Soldier continues where the last film ended, Steve Rogers arriving in the modern world as he attempts to fit but an old villain from the past comes back to threaten society.

Apr. 11

Draft Day is a film about the NFL and attempt to the draft the No. 1 pick during the annual NFL Draft. Kevin Costner plays the general manager of the Cleveland Browns who tries to draft the biggest priced amateur of the nation. Jennifer Garner and Terry Crews star along Costner.

Mike Flanigan brings you a suspense called Oculus. Oculus is a suspense about a lady who tries to take her brother out of prison by saying that the brother didn’t commit the crime, a supernatural figure did.

Twentieth Century’s bird-related animated film Rio 2 will bring all your “favorite” voice actors back for the second installment. Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, Jamie Foxx, John Leguizamo, Andy Garcia, George Lopez and more are back in the for the sequel of the 2011 film.

Apr. 16

Greg Kinnear stars in an awe inspiring film Heaven Is for Real. The film tells the story about a pastor whose son experienced Heaven during an emergency surgery. The pastor tries to get people to hear his son’s story. The film expands on the idea of life after death and the holy place.

Apr. 17

You missed Johnny? Well Johnny Depp is back in a film about the future. Transcendence Depp plays a terminally sick scientist who downloads his brain into a computer to give him amazing powers. Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman, Rebecca Hall, Cillian Murphy and more join Depp for this drama.

Apr. 18

Bears is the new nature documentary brought to you by Disney. Can you guess on which animals is it based on? You got it, chimpanzees. Just kidding, it is about the grizzly family as the mother attempts to raise her cub. John C. Reilly narrates.

Apr. 25

The second to last film Paul Walker was making is Brick Mansions. It is a film about an undercover cop who infiltrates a gang he’s trying to crack down. The gang also contain neutron bombs.

It is possibly a woman’s second worse nightmare (second to when she misses out on her ice cream), finding out her her lover has other lovers. Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, Leslie Mann star in The Other Woman. Except in this film, Diaz won’t sit around crying, she will sit around with her man’s other lovers to plot some kind of sick prank on him.

Last and definitely least is The Quiet Ones. The film a thriller about a physics professor who assembles a team to create a ghost.


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