New Q&A with Irish rock band Seneron


From the Seneron Facebook pageBy Eriq Rivera

We’ve last interviewed Seneron in March of 2013 when they released its EP “Order Restored.” Now they guys are getting ready to release its newest album, “Parasites & Poets” so we caught up with lead singer Ivor Ferris.

Eriq: With the release of the third album, you guys took it up a notch with 8 tracks and they all sound awesome…can you guys talk about the making of the album?

Ferris: This record is our lives for the past year; it was a very hard record to finish as we had a lot of things that halted us getting into the studio.

Then when we were able to start recording the actual process was very simple.

We all knew the reputation Neal Calderwood of Manor Park Studios had as we’ve heard a lot of his work so we chatted to Neal about what we were looking for and we wanted to capture the power and energy we generate when we play live, he knew exactly what was on our minds and set about doing just that and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome he did a fantastic job.

We broke the recording sessions to 4 two day sessions over about 5 months in order to concrete on how each song sounded and spent extra time on developing the melodies and song arrangements. It was the best recording experience as musicians we have ever had and Neal was a fantastic engineer and producer.

Eriq: Talk about your first single, “Don’t Cave In” what are the themes of the song?

Ferris: The song’s main theme is about addiction may it be alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex addiction, you name it it’s all been analyzed in that song. We like people to read into the songs in their own way and relate to them with their own experiences.

But this song like all of them has been written with an honest pen.

Eriq: Last time we did the Q&A, you guys expressed to tour around Europe, how did that go?

Ferris: We ran into a few road blocks and not able to get to Europe this year which is disappointing but we are looking at it for mid 2015 so watch this space. We have had a few requests to visit the US and Japan so we hope that can become a reality very soon.

A band like us our main audience would be in Europe, US and Asia so we are focused to get out there very soon.

Eriq: Is there a tour coming up to promote this album?

Ferris: We will be doing select shows in Ireland and the UK till the end of year. Like everything touring costs money and it’s cheaper for us at the moment to go into those markets.

We have a good strong following in the UK and with this album we hope to get featured on mainstream radio to elevate our status. So anyone local to us who may be reading check out our website for tour dates.

Eriq: Any music videos coming up?

Ferris: Yes, along with the launch of our new album we will be releasing Breathe as our lead track and a video for that song will follow. We think that it’s important to do music videos as it puts a face to the music that people are listening to even if we are not that good looking ha!

Eriq: Anymore plans on ways to promote the album?

Ferris: We have a lot of international press and radio lined up for the next 3 months as we are promoting this album world-wide.

We are launching the album in a local music store called Trash in our hometown and along with the new video out in late September and our third single from the album will be out mid March, then it’s back into the studio to record the next album!

Eriq: Anymore comments?

Ferris: We just want to say big thanks for featuring us on your website, you have supported us from day 1 and really appreciate your kindness towards the band also do an interview live on the air with us for your podcast! It would be great!


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