Exclusive Q&A with V-Device about their new album “Vidana”

Photo by Emilia Vitulano
Photo by Emilia Vitulano

Eriq caught up with Italian based rock band V-Device to ask questions about the band’s second album, “Vidana.” This is has been the second the X-Static Radio has caught up with the band since their exclusive Q&A almost two years ago.

Eriq: Congratulations on the 2nd album “Vidana,” what’s the biggest difference going into the making of this album then the making of the first album?
V-Device: This second album is a better production (out for the label This is Core, recorded by C33 Studios and mastered by Dick Beetham), with songs ranging from grunge to stoner, from instrumental to pop.

“Calling Europe” was just the first step: we wanted to do it better.

Eriq: Which places are you guys planning to tour to promote the album?
V-Device: We have planned a “Vidana Tour 2015” that will take us in all Europe: Berlin, London, Rome, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Warsaw.. We are always updating new gigs: check them out on www.v-device.com
Eriq: What are some themes of the songs in the album?
V-Device: “Vidana” is a Muse. She is our Musical Woman. Every song is inspired by a different theme. 
This time we didn’t write a concept album, we have just left our spirit flow from songs about Love (Clever Girl, Damned Spring, Sweetie Jack, 3 A.M.), Betrayal (Permanent Disguise), Society (Policeman Blues, Klown Torture), Sex (New Born Youngster) to a psychedelic state of mind through instrumental songs like Desert Veda and Atahualpa which is a celebration of Last Inca Emperor.
Eriq: What are some other good bands you guys have played with so far?
V-Device: We met a lot of cool bands. It would be a long list. 
That’s why I will only mention Sharks, Snakes and Planes from Serbia: we have an unique feeling with these Grunge Brothers.
Eriq: The music video of “Policeman Blues” looks great and well done, can you guys talk about the song and the making of the video?
V-Device: “Policeman Blues” is a song whose lyrics we wrote about 20 years ago…
One of our true friends was hit by a policeman while he was waiting for the pusher and he lost the use of his eardrum (tympanum). It is a song about Drugs and Law, and Police Brutality and Abuse.
It is dedicated to Andrea Marra, a true Devicer.
Eriq: Thanks a lot for the time, anymore comment?
V-Device: We wanna thank you for this interview and invite all readers to follow V-Device on the following sites:

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