Sportsnext’s Sportsperson of the Year (2015)

SportsnextThe year 2015 became a breakout year in sports, as new stars emerged as the leagues’ best, as Blue Jays slugger Josh Donaldson won his first AL MVP, Royals’ C Salvador Perez lead his club to a World Series Championship, Warriors’ shooter Stephen Curry helped his team win and NBA title and Panthers’ QB Cam Newton saw his club become nearly undefeated.

There were also veterans who proved to the world that they can still ball no matter the controversy around them, Cavaliers’ star Lebron James brought another team to the NBA Finals and Patriots’ QB Tom Brady lead his team to another Super Bowl championship.

We also witnessed some champions lose where it all mattered, Seahawks’ QB Russell Wilson saw his team lose the Super Bowl in the final second of the game and his hopes for back-to-back titles were picked off, former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey was knocked out of her title and the world saw the fall of a dominant phenom.

Aside from current athletes we also saw coaches and broadcasters give the world a a year to remember, Warriors’ head coach lead his team to an NBA title in his first year as head coach, Panthers’ head coach Ron Rivera also coached his team to an almost undefeated season, Dodgers’ broadcaster Vin Scully announced his retirement plans and former broadcaster Stuart Scott left the world a handful of quotes to inspire the nation.

With all that said, it was a tough task to choose an announce our first ever Sportsnext Sportsperson of the Year. Mr. Hodge and Eriq went over the nominees and with thoughtful consideration, the crew decided to name Warriors’ star Stephen Curry the 2015 Sportsnext’s Sportsperson of the Year.


It is a tough task to take a what was a mediocre team at the beginning of the season, to NBA supremacy. Curry had a fascinating playoff performance as he took down a giant in the NBA Finals. Curry has emerged as an elite in the league and someone took keep an eye on for years to come. Not only did he do damage last season but the success drove into the new season as he lead his team to an incredible beginning of the season as the Warriors went on a 27-0 run.


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