Philadelphia Mayor wants to tax soda to fund schools

Philadelphia Mayor (D) Jim Kenney

New Philadelphia Mayor (D) Jim Kenney would like to put a tax on soda to help fund pre-K and community schools.

The measure is not exactly to help reduce obesity but to help residents living in the city’s poverty rate of 26 percent.

“What we’re looking to do is to take some of that profit, to put it back into the neighborhoods that have been their biggest customers, to improve the lives and opportunities for the people who live there,” he said at a rally.

Berkley, CA has been the only city in the country so far to successfully put a tax on soda.

Head of the Teamsters Union, Daniel Grace feels like there has to be another way to raise money.

“When the demand goes down, they don’t need as many [workers] as they have today,” he says.

The next step is for the city council to make its decision in June.


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