EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with all-female punk band The Corner Girls

The Corner Girls

The Corner Girls were formed in Denver, CO. The group consists on three females that call their music “pastel punk.” They recently released an EP on BandCamp called ‘Popcorn’ in which they promoted with a tour through the west.

Q: Congrats on the recent tour, how was it like?

CG: It was definitely a great first time experience. We became more comfortable with our sound and our abilities. Lots of driving though, I know everyone told us that, but damn. It was also cool to experience other cities music scenes, people we didn’t know were super supportive which rocked. We met sooo many awesome people, an unforgettable experience.

Q: Any favorite venues that you guys performed in?

CG: We loved bottom of the hill in San Francisco, it reminded us of hi dive, and the crowd was really great.

Q: I love the sound of the latest album, Popcorn, especially Walk Of Shame. What are some influences as far as bands or people in general for writing it?

CG: As far as content, we write from life experience, living together and being best friends. We listen to a lot of hinds and pop music, that influenced our style.


Q: You guys described yourselves as pastel punk, how do you guys actually describe pastel punk?

CG: We take the diy and energy of punk rock but leave behind the aggressiveness of it and make it “pastel” by adding more pop elements and femininity.

Q: Do you see much of a pastel punk movement going around, how do you guy see the state of feminism in rock n roll?

CG: In terms of feminism in music, things are improving everyday and we get a ton of support. We honestly still will occasionally get people surprised that we play instruments, or saying other shitty comments, but definitely gotten less frequent since we started. Even with that being said, sexism in music isn’t definitely isn’t over and we don’t want to pretend that it is.

Q: What are some of your punk influences?

CG: We’re into some punk music, especially as a younger kid, but we were more attracted to the accessibility of it as young women starting a band with no experience. Punk music was easy to play when you didn’t know what you were doing, and it gave us a good foundation to become better musicians.

Q: Which are some other current bands you guys will like to tour with in the future?

CG: It’d be fun to tour with bands we listen to/are similar to like Cherry Glazzer, Hinds, Twin Peaks, but we can still dream about opening for Selena Gomez, right??

Q: What are some venues you guys dream of playing at?

CG: The Smell in LA would be cool, as well as some more Denver venues. But, honestly specific venues don’t make a show as much as an audience. A good show could be anywhere, just depends on the crowd.

Q: What’s next for The Corner Girls? Another EP? Another tour?

CG: We’re working towards another EP in the next few months with new music and some we currently play, leading to another tour. We’re still working on figuring out our sound, and it evolves every day. We’re really excited for the new stuff. Planning the first tour we learned a lot, and I can’t wait to use that knowledge for the next one!


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