Pirates, Guardians, Aliens and Baywatch (May 2017 Movie Releases)

Cinco de Mayo is upon us, summer is upon us and now it’s becoming the best time of the year for movie blockbusters. Here’s what is coming up this month.

May. 5

James Gunn is back with part two the galaxy warriors. Guardians of the Galaxy will focus of the crews adventure again. Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, and Bradley Cooper return for this blockbuster.

May. 12

In King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Arthur has to go through to his legacy as a warrior. Son of Anarch’s Charlie Hunnam stars as Arthur.

Lowriders stars Eva Longoria among others. Here’s the trailer:

Amy Schumer teams up with legendary actress Goldie Hawn for Snatched. A young lady is dumped by her boyfriend before a huge vacation so the young lady decides to take her mother.

May. 19

Alien: Covenant is the second installment to the prequel series of the Alien franchise. It’s second to 2012’s Prometheus. Ridley Scott returns to the franchise with Michael Fassbender and Danny McBride.

The Heffley family decide to go on a road trip to grandma’s house but everything goes crazy when Gregg brings up a scheme to go to a video game convention.

Stella Meghie directs Everything, Everything.

May. 25

This year is the year of the tv-to-film remake as The Rock and Zac Efron star in the 90’s hit film Baywatch.

May. 26

The pirates are back finally as Captain Jack Sparrow searches for the trident of Poseidon. Academy Award winner Javier Bardem joins the cast this time.




Exclusive Q&A with Australian rock band Kobrakai


It was in March of 2013 were we talk to an an Australian hard band Maiden Tonne. They talked about their grungy influences. Four years later the band is now called Kobrakai, and here is a better update on the band with an all new Q&A as answered by guitarist Neil and the rest of the band. You can also listen to the album here as you’re reading.


Q: Last time we spoke, you guys worked on band named Maiden Tonne…how did it all turn into Kobrakai?

A: Maiden Tonne had essentially become a covers band with a couple of original tunes. Our singer (Matty) had an ongoing dislike for drummers, and during this period we had actually recorded a few demos for new songs with an old school friend of Cloudy’s called Smokes….these demo’s would later feature on our first Kobrakai album titled ‘Snuffbox’. Cloudy still jams with Matty from time to time (as Maiden Tonne) and he may make a cameo in a future Kobrakai recording.

Q: Is Kobrakai’s music still influenced by 90’s grunge? What other type of music is it influenced by?

A: Definitely man. I think we are melting pot of grunge, desert rock (Kyuss, QOTSA, Brant Bjork, Fu Manchu etc….), and 70’s riff driven madness such as Led Zep, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. Kobra Fuzz (bassist) has some eclectic musical tastes and is right at home strumming along to the Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Doors and then some Blind Melon. Gonzo (drummer) is a surprise packet. He too loves his grunge and desert/stoner rock, but is equally at home listening to some of the heaviest metal out there. In recent times he has also formed a metal trio made up of old school mates from the 90’s called the Blood of the Lannisters. He is primary composer and also offers up lead vocals as well as his drumming duties in this outfit. As a result, his presence in Kobrakai is a heavy one.

Q: What’s new in the recording of your music?

A: We are actually in the process of swapping riffs and song ideas for our next album. Rehearsals and the fleshing out of ideas will start later this week. Gonzo will be on ‘new dad’ duty in August and September of this year, so we hope to have the majority of this album in the bag before then. We are also looking at making another video for a song called ‘Alver’ which we released on our second album (Zodiac) last year. If you haven’t already, check out the video that we made for our song ‘Spaceage’ in February of this year. You can find it on youtube and Vimeo.

Q: What has been the best part about performing your songs live in recent shows?

A: It is always good to get some comments after your show from people who genuinely enjoyed your music. Seeing a few people singing along to the words of yours songs is also pretty awesome…..I can only imagine what it must feel like to have a whole venue screaming along with you. Personally, I love the tightness of our sounds when we all lock in. That is the essence of all that we do.

Q: What inspires your guys to go out there and do what you guys do?

A: Some of our songs have an openly political slant (Merdeka and Spaceage for instance). Basically, we like to go out there and have fun, and play our grooves to the best of our abilities. If people like what they see and hear, then that is a mad bonus as well.

Q: Do you guys plan on playing in other countries?

A: Man, we would love to if the opportunity was there. It is a definite possibility at some point.

Q: Tell us about your upcoming shows and why rock n roll fans should be there.

A: Our next show is supporting our good friends from the Byron Shire who are called Fly Agaric. Do yourself a favour and give them a listen. They have their debut album coming out in mid May. There are some teasers on their facebook and reverbnation pages. This gig also takes place in a town called Lismore which recently copped a hell of a lot of water from tropical cyclone Debbie 2-3 weeks ago. The venue was damaged, but gigs will still go on. Incidently, we will also be playing a benefit gig at this venue in early June to raise funds for the repair and ongoing maintenance of the venue.

Q: Any further comments?

A: Not much man, apart from please give our Spaceage single and video a look and listen.

Thanks for your time!

Kobrakai: Thanks again for the opportunity man. Cheers.


Exclusive Interview with SNAKEFIST drummer

LA punk band SNAKEFIST drummer Joey Cotero joined Eriq for an exclusive interview about the band.

Snakefist performing at The Viper Room

Joey speaks about the release of the band’s EP, live performances at the legendary Viper Room, the bands being influenced by Motorhead, Joey being influenced by Dave Grohl, plans to coming back to the studio with the rest of the band to play an acoustic set and more!

Find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter at SNAKEFISTMUSIC!

Smurfs, Fast Cars, A Promise and The Circle (An April 2017 Films Preview)

Releasing April .14

April. 7

Jon Gunn kicks off the month with a Christian film named The Case for Christ. Its based on a story about a journalist who begins work with an atheist to battle on the existence of God.

Three big screen legends join forces to bring in a comedy/crime film. Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, Michael Caine bring Going In Style.

Smurfs: The Lost Village will be voiced by an all-star cast of Ariel Winter, Michelle Rodriguez, Julia Roberts, Demi Lovato, Rainn Wilson and more. Smurfette and her friends set out to discover a new place that other other Smurf has discovered.

April. 14

The Fast & Furious crew is back the addition of two more stars. Charlize Theron and Kurt Russell join the crew in The Fate of the Furious. A woman seduces Dominic into a new life of betrayal and evil.

Spark: A Space Tail is an animated film about teenage monkey embarking in a journey about his true identity.

April. 21

Born In China is an all-new Disney nature documentary capturing intimate moments in a panda family. It is narrated by The Office’s Jim John Krasinksi.

Cillian Murphy and Brie Larson co-star in Free Fire. This film is set in the 70’s in which two gangs meet in a abandoned isolated warehouse to begin a shootout.

Terry George is known for bringing Hotel Rwanda  and Bruce Willis’ Hart War. This time he’s bringing The Promise. Christian Bale stars in a love film set in the Ottaman Empire, in which a medical student falls in love with a sophisticated woman named Ana.

Unforgettable is a modern Fatal Attraction. Rosario Dawson  and her man is being stalked by Katherine Heigl in this jealous aggressive storyline.

April. 28

Emma Watson is following up her blockbuster film by co-starring with Tom Hanks in The Circle.

Being a single man after 25 years on marriage must be hard. Euginio Derbez will show how difficult as he co-stars with Selma Hayek and Rob Low in How To Be A Latin Lover.

Sleight Jacob Latimoreis an all-new different type of hero movie based on a young street magician. and Dule Hill star in the film.