The Last Tour for #24 (Sportsnext, Ep. 58)

Sportsnext  On the first show after the Thanksgiving break, Eriq and Mr. Hodge are visited by Uncle Phil to discuss the many topics in the NFL including Week 12, Broncos upsetting the Patriots, updates on the Rams WR Steadman Bailey, NFL injuries, week 13, the NBA, MLB’s latest free agent signing including Zack Greinke’s signing with the Diamondbacks, the Ronda Rousey, the upcoming UFC main card and finally a discussion about what the guys think about the legend of Kobe Bryant.


The World Series Met With Royalty (Sportsnext, Ep. 53)

SportsnextEriq and Mr. Hodge discuss the both LCS series’, the upcoming World Series matchup, Eriq talks about his thoughts on Don Mattingly and the Dodgers “parting ways,” the NFL week 6 results, week 7, NFL injuries, Lamar Odom, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and more.

The Royals celebrate their back-to-back World Series appearance

A Patriotic White House (Sportsnext, Ep. 31)

SportsnextMr. Hodge and Eriq discuss the latest on the NBA playoffs, the Pete Rose-going-back-to-baseball situation, David Ortiz, Barry Bonds, Greg Hardy, the NFL regular season schedule, and Mr. Hodge discusses the latest on NFL draft before the big day.

President Obama enjoys a New England patriotic day the White House